Temporary to Permanent Hiring is a win-win for everyone. You get 90 days to see if the new hire is a good fit. The new hire gets 90 days to see if they want the job. There’s no obligation, you can cancel or change employees at any time. Don’t keep hiring the wrong person, go temp-to-perm and get it right. Call to speak to a job counselor today; 276-8367.

You hire, you supervise, you train, you get the work done. We process the payroll, administer benefits and keep your administrative overhead low. Great option for contractors, smaller businesses or seasonal job sites. Call or email today and find out more.

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Someone called in sick or is taking a vacation. Or maybe you have a project that requires some extra hands. Call us for a quality temp to get you through. Click on Place a Job Order and we’ll get started right away. Or call 276-8367 to speak to a job counselor.

Want to know if someone can really type
75 words per minute?
• Find out before you hire.
• After you recruit and interview, we test 
  their skills for you.
• As a certified (OPAC©) Testing Center, 
  we offer tests in typing, spelling, 
  computer software, language arts, and

• You simply pay per test for any employee
  you are considering. Call us now!

  (907) 276-8367


From court reporting to preparing meeting minutes, resume writing to legal typing, we provide full management support to assist you.


  • ACS Certified
  • Established in 1980

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