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How much does it really cost to hire an employee?  

(Assuming a new employee makes $15/hour)

    Consider this:
    Classified ad for one week: $100 minimum
    Screening applicants (staff time): $90 minimum
    Interviewing: $150
    Testing: $50
    Initial paperwork after hire: $75
    Two weeks’ salary + payroll overhead while training: $1200
    Training and supervision during training: $600

By this model, it can cost up to $2000 to hire a new employee. Of course, we can’t

eliminate their starting salary, but we can eliminate the hassle and headache of

screening, testing, advertising, and reference checking. It’s time: time away from

making money and taking care of your customers. Time away from running

your business. 

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It can take up to four weeks to hire an employee from scratch. If you later find out they ​don’t have the skills you need, it can take you another two weeks or more to hire someone else. We make hiring easier. With our pre-employment testing and screening already done, once you place a job order, our qualified candidates are ready to interview. Don’t you want to spend your time making money? Keep your focus on generating revenue, and let us find the right employee for you. You pay no fees until we place someone. 


Job Applicants
We’re a little old-fashioned, but we ask that you apply in person at the above address for all available jobs.  Bring a current resume and be sure to dress for an interview. The registration process takes about 45 minutes and includes some testing appropriate to your desired work positions.  You can register any time from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, or you can call for an appointment. Please do not fax or email resumes, as we still require an in-person interview. Thanks and see you soon. 


Temporary Help
Someone called in sick—or is taking a vacation. Or maybe you have a project that requires some extra hands. Call us for a quality temp to get you through. Click on Place a Job Order and we’ll get started right away. Or call 276-8367 to speak to a job counselor. For more information about this service:  Email:


Permanent Employees
Temporary to Permanent Hiring is a win-win for everyone. You get 90 days to see if the new hire is a good fit. The new hire gets 90 days to see if they want the job. There’s no obligation, you can cancel or change employees at any time. Don’t keep hiring the wrong person, go temp-to-perm and get it right. Call to speak to a job counselor today; 276-8367. For more information about this service:  Email:


Employee Leasing/Payroll Processing
You hire, you supervise, you train, you get the work done. We process the payroll, administer benefits and keep your administrative overhead low. Great option for contractors, smaller businesses or seasonal job sites. Call or email today and find out more.